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Top 5 Games For Those Who Intend To Storm the “Area 51”

A couple of weeks ago, Facebook user created a not-quite-usual event – the storming of “Zone 51”, the American military base in Nevada. And what
began as a simple joke, in just a few days, grew into something large-scale and potentially uncontrollable. The page with the event quickly began to hurt, and at the time of publication of the material to visit the place where, allegedly, the aliens were hidden, 1.2 million users intend.

Area 51

“Zone 51” is a famous top-secret American base, familiar to every fan of conspiracy theories. According to numerous rumors, it is here that the US government stores the wreckage of an alien ship crashing down in Roswell, as well as the remains of aliens. “Zone 51” was repeatedly mentioned in popular culture, including the gaming industry.

One of the most popular projects is the Area 51 shooter, the protagonist of which was voiced by David Duchovny, who played Foxes the Hunter of the Green Men. The project from Midway Studios – Austin simultaneously combines two genres: in the first half of the game (by the way, the best part of Area 51) survival horror prevails, and at the end it turns into a typical first-person action game with a lot of enemies and extraterrestrial abilities.

Alien shooter

Alien Shooter, perhaps the most famous game project presented. The arcade action was released back in 2003 and was developed by the Russian team Sigma Team. Alien Shooter became a kind of “Balls” or Doom of the early 2000s, that is, the game could be found on virtually every office computer.

Good old classic, perfect time-killer, non-stop action game with countless hordes of alien creatures, dynamic soundtrack, sea of ​​blood and a huge killer arsenal. The player has only one mission – to stop the invasion of the bloodthirsty aliens at any cost.


Speaking of games about aliens, a lot of players will remember about Prey. No, not immersive-sim from Dishonored developers, but a curious 2006 shooter with Cherokee Tommy in the title role. The game begins in the best traditions of films about alien guests: a small rundown bar, a fight with drunkards, an emergency news release and, at the very end of this scene, a green light pulling the hero into frightening suspense.

Prey can not be called an innovative project, but the action movie had a number of unusual game design solutions for the time. For example, in essence, the protagonist could not die – Tommy, being an Indian, ended up in the so-called Country of the Ancients, having left that, he found himself at the place of his “murder”.

At the same time, the developers added limited interaction with gravity. In certain areas, players had to solve a puzzle with movements in space in order to move on.

Gears of war

The Gears of War series to this day remains one of the leading Microsoft franchises. It has already grown to the board game, books and comics, expanding ENT, and un-filmed adaptation, and continues to delight players with sequels, the next of which is preparing to exit in early autumn.

GoW tells the story of a prolonged war on the planet Sulfur between representatives of humanity and Locust, the local humanoid reptilian race. Action, first of all, remember the players popularization of the form from behind the shoulder, the need to hide behind cover and bloody melee with the assault rifle with a chainsaw.

The plot in the early parts remained in the background, but over time, the developers began to put more emphasis on the story, revealing the characters deeper and adding cliffhangers, as well as elements of drama and even horror.

Dead space

Fans of tickling their nerves it proposes to pay attention to the hopeful series of horror films Dead Space, which on the way has lost all its charm and turned into a banal third-person shooter. The first part, inspired by Resident Evil 4 and several iconic space film horror actors, was liked by players and critics and, among other things, introduced enemies worthy of your most frightening nightmares – the necromorphs.

Their main feature is the structure of the body. Since this is not an ordinary zombie or monster, the only way to neutralize them was cutting off limbs. This decision was key for the entire project, and players had to hastily change the tactics of passage, which had remained unchanged for years.

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