The Power of Attitude by Mac Anderson

Mac Anderson has created another masterpiece designed to help you improve your life. In The Power of Attitude he explains how the power to achieve whatever you want is really locked in with the power of your thoughts… your attitude towards life and those around you. In essence he drives home the point that it is how you think that will make or break you.

This isn’t the first time that this theory has been talked about. There are a great many self help books on the market completely devoted to that helping you change your mindset, the way you think and react to things that happen to you so that you are able to live a fulfilled life. You can’t control most of the things that happen in this life, but what you can control is the way you handle it and the way you think about it. In the Power of Attitude Mac Anderson uses an insightful and often moving combination of inspirational quotes and real life stories to illustrate and reinforce each point that he is making. You will see how when people have employed the principles he discusses in this book to their life, how it has changed their lives.

We are all human, and therefore, by design we are not perfect. There are perfect aspects about anyone though. The goal is to focus on the strengths, the positives that you have and work to overcome the issues that are holding you back. You aren’t getting passed over for a promotion because another person is better then you are, you are getting passed over because of your attitude and your fears. It is important to establish what your fears are and then work through them.

In the Power of Attitude Mac Anderson will take you on a personal journey of self discovery. You will gain great insight into who you really are, what makes you tick, what are your assets and what are the obstacles standing between you and fulfilled life. His goal is to help you become successful, and keep in mind that success is defined individually. To one person being successful can mean having the job of their dreams with the income that will allow them to live the life they want. While to others success is being happy and healthy and enjoying life. It doesn’t matter how you define success, what does matter is that the only way to truly be successful is to have the right mindset and attitude.

This is a thought that has been instilled in us since childhood, do you remember the story of the little engine that could and his mantra up the tall steep hill, “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…” and he was able to. That is the point, whether you believe that you can do something or believe that you can’t do it you are absolutely right. In the Power of Attitude you are going to learn how to have the “I know I can” attitude. Learn valuable techniques that will help you manage stress before it manages you. Remember the golden rule, how to use emotional triggers, learn what sandbox wisdom is and how to use it. Use Mac Anderson’s favorite fact that is less is more, get rid of the emotional baggage and live the life you want.

Source by Ben Sanderson

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