Sioux Falls local starts mobile gym for exercising dogs


On The Run mobile dog gym uses a treadmill to exercise dogs. Here, Daisy the dachshund takes a stroll in the van.

Chloe Koval is offering something new for dog owners in the Sioux Falls area. On The Run is Sioux Falls’ first mobile dog gym, operated out of a van, that allows dogs to exercise while their owners are away or busy.

Koval grew up on an acreage near Garretson and always had a lot of animals, including two big dogs.

“We always had the luxury of having them on our acreage,” Koval said. “But I realized when I moved to town after I graduated that many people’s dogs might not have that luxury.”

In January, Koval saw an Arizona business doing the same thing and thought it could be a great addition to the Sioux Falls community.



















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