Romero Games announces it is hiring for a new FPS



Former Wolfenstein, Doom, and Quake designer John Romero has announced that his studio is hiring for work on a new first-person shooter.


Romero is a legendary name in the world of video games and particularly first-person shooters. After all, John Romero was one of the pioneers of the genre at id Software, and though he has moved on with his own studio alongside wife and fellow designer Brenda Romero, Romero Games seems to be returning to the first-person shooter genre for its next project. The studio is hiring for its next game, which John Romero says is an FPS.


Romero shared the announcement of hiring at Romero Studios alongside mention a first-person shooter on his personal Twitter on July 19, 2022. According to Romero (and the studio’s website), Romero Games is hiring up big time for what John says is a new first-person shooter.


“We’re working with a major publisher to developer John Romero’s next shooter,” the studio’s announcement reads. “An all-new FPS with an original, new IP. Our team is expanding, and we’re looking for talented people for all positions and at all experience levels, particularly those with Unreal Engine 5 experience.”


An ad from Romero Games sharing that the studio is hiring for a new game.
We don’t know much about Romero Games’ next project, but we do know it will be an FPS in a new IP, and that it has a publisher.
Source: Twitter


There’s no telling just what Romero Games has up its sleeve next. The team most recently worked on the gangland 4X strategy title Empire of Sin under the direction of Brenda Romero, putting out the game in 2020 and DLC for it in 2021. While we don’t know much about this new first-person shooter under John, the fact that it will be an FPS is worth attention. Not only that, but it sounds like an idea is set and the group already has a publisher ready for this latest project.


While the project may be quite a ways off from an actual reveal, we’ll be looking forward to seeing what John Romero and Romero Games have in store for us. Stay tuned for more details and updates on Romero’s new game as they become available.

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