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Amazon Has Allowed Users To Abandon The Interception Of Voice Recordings

Amazon has added a new option to the Alexa voice assistant settings. Now users can disable the ability to listen to voice recordings by employees of the company and its contractors.

According to Amazon, the company takes customer privacy seriously and is constantly reviewing methods and procedures. The developers clarified that as part of a controlled learning process, an extremely small number of audio recordings (with the consent of the users) will be processed by the staff personally.

If the data was transferred to Amazon earlier, then anyone can delete it. Developers warned users, that when refusing to process voice requests, new functions may not work quite correctly.

amazon privacy updates

Earlier, it is reported that Apple suspends the Siri quality control program . It allowed contractors to listen in on anonymous user requests to determine if the voice assistant heard the questions correctly, started it by mistake, and so on. In the future, developers are planning to release a software update that will allow users to refuse to include themselves in the validation program.

In mid-July, Google admitted to leaking customers using Google Assistant. According to the company, the cause of the incident was a mistake in the action of one of the contractors. Google Product Manager David Monsey said that they are collaborating with linguists who analyze some of the voice commands from Google Assistant and Google Home speakers. This is done to improve the service.

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